Thank you for stopping by!

I am a photographer based in the Metro Detroit area. I'm interested in capturing things up close and personal, focusing on the fine details that we may miss when life moves too fast.

I’m inspired by human connection and I love to capture raw, spontaneous moments and emotions, so those memories can always be preserved.

When I am not photographing people, I am most likely with the birds. I have an affinity for tiny subjects, cool toned colors, symmetry and celestial events.

I hope you find your way around, and like what you see!

Work experience:

My background as a professional makeup artist had me working behind the scenes for 10+ years in just about everything; theatres, events, weddings, name it, I was there.  I always enjoyed working closely with the photographers so that we would produce the same creative vision.  

I ended up moving away from my hometown, and I fell into an amazing career running a photography equipment rental business.  Having always appreciated and been curious about photography, I studied the cameras and lenses extensively and took them out in the field every week to familiarize myself with all of the settings. In my anxiousness to learn the gear, I fell in love capturing moments.  It is a passion that I practice and am excited to share.

The mix of my background working in 3D with faces and now my 10 years of work with cameras, lenses and understanding light has really given me a creative edge and style that I have been told is 'signature' and 'unique'.  

Technicalities aside, I think that you'll find me approachable, down to earth and kind. 

I look forward to hearing about YOU and how we can collaborate on making our creative visions your reality.